Good Faith, Bella & Me and our pledge to you.

Good Faith, Bella & Me and our pledge to you.

Fundamentally, the world works on something called good faith. It is an age old principle formally dating back to Roman times, but a principle that has been in use long before that even. Good faith or Bona Fide, is a principle formed on the basis of honesty, and sincerity of intentions. 

Good faith

As an example, when you rent a house, your landlord has faith that your intentions are to rent the house, and pay your rent on time. Similarly, you have faith that your landlord's intentions are to rent you the house for your use. It is a silent agreement in many ways. 

If you then signed a lease with the intention of moving in to the new house, but had no intention of paying the rent that would be in bad faith. Bad faith is the very worst betrayal, and not lightly forgotten because of how fundamental it is. 

As it happens, all of us will or have experienced that one special person or company who has acted in bad faith, and the experience no doubt left you fuming mad. We don't want to be that company to you. 

We no longer have a stockist in Cape Town.

Sadly, bad faith is part of the reason we have parted ways with our stockist in Cape Town - Bella and Me Jewellers. 

At the time that we were looking for a stockist of our awesome Tungsten rings, we specifically targeted Canal Walk for its location, reputation and ease of access for our customers. We managed to come to an agreement with Bella and Me Jewellers, who became the go-to for our customers in the Cape. 

For almost 2 years we were able to provide our customers with a great place to head to in person to get their hands on our Tungsten rings. However, things recently started to change with our stockist, and as a result, we decided to call it a day with Bella and me Jewellers. 

So what does this mean for you as a customer?

Well, we wanted to write this to let you know that we, as Unbreakable Man, will do our best never to let our good faith turn bad. 

Unbreakable Man was founded on the principles of excellent customer service, quality products, and convenience, and we will always go out of our way to make sure that those principles are upheld. So while we currently dont have a stockist in Cape Town, we are still here for each and every customer wearing an Unbreakable Man product. 

We are going to be vigorously searching for other stockists in the Cape Town area, so that you can easily get your hands on our brilliant Tungsten rings. As soon as we have finalised some sort off deal with any new stockists, we will post it to our website, social media accounts, and pop out an email to let you all know. 

For now we want to ask that you contact us directly for any enquiries, returns, or exchanges, and we will do our best to facilitate anything that you may need. Bella and Me Jewellers will not be facilitating any further Unbreakable Man enquiries.

If there are any questions, please do let us know and we'll try our best to answer those queries as soon as we can. 

We are available on 012 772 2702 or on, or find us on Facebook @UnbreakableManTungsten. 

We would also like to take this opportunity to ask you how we're doing?

Are we servicing your needs, keeping you happy, and giving you the best experience we can?

Feel free to comment below or get in touch. 

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