The best gift you can give this Christmas - Time.

The best gift you can give this Christmas - Time.

It's almost Christmas, and with that comes a whole lot of expectation, panic and too much of trying to please people with lavish gifts, resulting in maxing out of credit cards and generally left with a feeling of "I hate this time of year!"

I know I did, I felt like that for years and in doing that, it robbed me of the true nature of Christmas. In my dread of Christmas and the obligation that unconsciously weighed upon me, I missed so much because I was wrapped up in all that unnecessary wrapping paperChristmas, economically, has changed - and as a result, we need to intrinsically find a universal meaning, without losing the spirit of Christmas, that gives us joy and happiness, without breaking the bank.

My epiphany was being present, being the best parent, grandmother, aunt, sister, friend in the moment that I could be. The present of 100% presence, is enough. Effort, kindness, acceptability, and humility, are the best gifts you can give another person, family or not. I learned that the gift of time, is the most expensive gift of all. It comes at the expense of being uncomfortable being nice, and unselfish. The art of letting your guard down, revealing yourself to the ones who mean the most, makes for an amazing masterpiece of self. Therein lies the greatest gift of all...The children, you say, what about the children? Of course the children love their gifts, it is a time of giving after all and children expect their Christmas Tree to be filled deep with gifts, but that too, does not have to break the bank. It is perhaps too late to change the traditional expectation, but try something different next year i.e. Buy pre loved - clear out those outgrown toys and do a charity drive - make a big pot of soup and hand out to the underprivileged children - print a favorite photo with endearing words on the back. Quite frankly, the options are mind blowing and so much fun. Let it be a birth of new ideas, traditions and precious times with those we care the most about.

Let's face it, there are dynamics that make Christmas more challenging for some than others but the principle is always the same, and I know it's hard but in the end "The Gift Of Time" is all that really matters...

May you all, wherever you are, have the most amazing Christmas and a Prosperous New Year in 2022

The Unbreakable Man Team

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