The hottest wedding trends for 2017

The hottest wedding trends for 2017

Top Wedding Trends for 2017

It’s the start of a new year and with it new, fresh wedding ideas and wedding trends are aplenty. To be honest, some of 2017’s trends seem a tad over the top, but hey who are we to judge? At the end of the day planning a dream wedding is all about who you are and what fits your personal style best, whether it is trending or not.  Nonetheless, we’ve trawled the internet for all that is hot for this wedding season, and picked our favourites to share.

Trending Wedding Themes/Venues


  • 2017 is again another year for unique wedding settings at locations that aren’t necessarily wedding venues. Settings like for example a working farm or an open piece of land offer a wedding couple a lot of rope to bring their personal style to their wedding, and give their guests something to remember their wedding by.


  • A trending wedding theme for the year ahead is vintage meets industrial. Typically this includes an industrial warehouse-type backdrop with sparkling lights and statement vintage décor pieces. There can be beauty in the strangest of places.


  • Image mapping is apparently something that is trending overseas. Through lighting and moving imagery any type of scene can be projected against the walls and ceiling of an indoor venue creating the illusion of being in a forest, on the beach, in the wild etc. Here's an example of image mapping: 

Example of image mapping


Trending Wedding Colours

  • After years of neutrals and pastels taking the limelight, colour is back. Big bold colours like greens and blue-greys are hot colours for 2017.


  • Metallics such as pewter and rose-gold as well as the ever-popular blush rose, aka pink, remain favourites for the year ahead. Rose-gold is a specific favourite, and it’s a beautiful natural tone.


Trending Wedding Food Ideas


  • Unconventional food is the way to go in 2017. It could be a way to save dramatically on your wedding budget by doing something clever like serving pizzas, or getting a food truck. Alternatively, if you are looking for something slightly more gourmet, you can do an oyster bar, cheese and wine pairing etc., which will easily add thousands to the budget, but will give your wedding a fresh new spin.


  • Family-style meals and table sharing platters are also very hot at the moment.


  • The themed tier wedding cake is making a return. The higher and more specific, the better.


Trending Wedding Entertainment


  • Live entertainment is huge this year. Not just your regular live band but something more extreme like acrobats, choirs and the like. Think out of the box, and you may be surprised at how inexpensive (or not?) it can be.


It seems this year’s trends are all about being different and social, and we love that. After all, your wedding should be a celebration of the two of you, in a cool place, with the people you love most.

If you want to go traditional with your wedding though, why not? That’s the thing about classic. It never gets goes out of style.

Good luck and happy planning!

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