Wedding trend predictions for 2018

Getting married in 2018? If so, you’ve probably already started planning your special day. Before you get too stuck into the preparations, read our wedding predictions for 2018 below:

Intimate weddings
Many South Africans have realised that having a 20+ bridal party and hundreds of guests at a wedding can be very costly and starting off your marriage in debt is a big stressor. These days, couples are planning smaller wedding celebrations. Unfortunately, you may have a lot of unhappy distant family members and friends.

Intimate weddings

Garden weddings
The lovely thing about having an intimate wedding is that you can save a lot of money on a wedding venue by having a wedding in a garden. Put up a few stretch tents or a marquee and use the beauty of the garden as a natural wedding backdrop. Having an outdoor location and incorporating beautiful lighting and decor contributes to a perfect setting for an intimate wedding.

Garden Wedding

How much food do guests waste at weddings? The answer is a lot if you serve them a plated meal. This is why buffets are becoming a lot more popular at weddings. Guests can pick what they want to eat and sample different foods and dishes.

Wedding buffet

Untraditional wedding parties
We’ll be seeing a huge switch-up in the bridal party arrangements. Groomsladies and bridesmen will be a big thing! Finally, for all those grooms who have lots of chick friends and those brides who have lots of guy friends, they can have a mixed bridal party by their side.

Bridesmen? Yep, it's coming

Naked cakes
Let’s face it, most people don’t really like the sickly sweet wedding cake icing anyway! Nearly naked cakes are the way to go in 2018. All cakes need now is a thin, almost translucent layer of buttercream on the outside. Paired with a few beautiful in seasonal flowers, you will have a rustic, beautiful wedding cake.

Naked Wedding cake

Unique hashtags
Make sure you announce a unique wedding hashtag to all your guests so that you can find any photos from your wedding posted online by your guests. You can come up with a simple hashtag, such as your names together or your surname and wedding date.

 Wedding hashtags

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Are you planning anything different for your 2018 Wedding? Let us know in the comments. 

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