Comfort Fit Sizing

It is important to take note that all Unbreakable Man Tungsten Rings come with a built in Comfort Fit as a standard feature.

What is Comfort Fit?

Comfort Fit is a relatively new feature built into modern rings to:

    • As the name suggests, ensure that the ring sits comfortably on the finger.
    • Prevent constricting the finger as it swells during warmer seasons. 
    • Make the ring the ring easier to remove without digging into the knuckle or skin. 


The Comfort Fit is effectively a domed inside with a specific curved shape.

As a result of the domed interior of a comfort fit ring the ring is going to feel slightly larger than the equivalent sizing in a standard fit ring. The difference is due to the fact that the sizing for a comfort fit ring is taken from the height of the peaked dome on the interior of the ring to rather than across the face of the inside of the ring.


So does this affect my sizing?

Well for starters, this can affect sizing provided by jewellers.

Jewellers use a tool called a mandrel when sizing rings. A standard fit is read on the mandrel from the bottom of the ring, whereas the sizing of a comfort fit ring is taken from the middle of the band on a mandrel or sizing stick.


If you do go to a local jeweller to size your ring please let them know that you are sizing for a comfort fit ring and not a standard fit. Also let the jeweller know about the width of the ring you are sizing, as wider rings may also add a half size to the usual size of your ring. Standard fit sizes can be off by up to 1 whole size for smaller sizes.


As our Unbreakable Man Tungsten Rings all come with the comfort fit there is no need for ¼ sizes as the band has less contact with the finger on the inside. If you have been sized in a quarter size for a standard fit then we recommend going up to the nearest half size to compensate for the comfort fit.


Still not sure on the comfort fit?

If you have any queries, or need more info on sizing, feel free to pop an email to and we will get back to you pronto with our advice.