Be a Hero - 7 items every man should carry

Be a Hero - 7 items every man should carry

Which guy are you?

Guy a) Stands in the background, politely blending into everyday formalities and engaging in common topics of conversation.

Guy b) Hero - the one who stands out among all other men! The one who saves the friday night braai by lighting up the coals, cuts a huge piece of biltong with his bare hands and a pocket knife, and wipes away his brow with a trendy handkerchief after a hard day’s work.

All Guy b needs is the right tools at his disposal and he can accomplish almost anything. We have a list of items all men need to carry to be guy b. Each item serves an important purpose and offers invaluable advantages, enabling convenience, self-reliance and personal expression.

Item #1: Lighter

You don’t have to be a smoker to own a lighter. You’d be surprised at how often a lighter comes in handy. Whether you use it to light up candles for a romantic evening with your special person or start up a bond fire with a group of friends, you will definitely be a hero to those around you.

Item #2: Watch

Professional, trendy and on-time. Those are three very awesome traits that a watch can offer a man. Yes, today we have smart phones that tell the time; however, why would you want to miss out on the opportunity of flashing a classy accessory every time someone asks for the time?

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Item #3: Multitool

Pliers, screwdriver, bottle opener, scissors, knife - imagine having all these and more merged together to form a single pocketable multitool. Fix anything, anywhere, anytime - ideal for almost any emergency situation where tools are needed.

Item #4: Torch

Don’t waste your phone’s battery - carry a small torch with you. Just because we don’t have to deal with loadshedding anymore, does not mean that our lights won’t suddenly go off. Also, a torch can come in handy if you need to help someone in the dark with a broken down car or take a close look at the meat on the braai to see if it is ready.

Item #5: Pen

You may be thinking, why on earth should I carry a pen? Who even uses a pen these days? There is, however, still places for a pen. You can use it for signing receipts, taking notes at meetings, jotting down phone numbers or writing down information in the case of an emergency.

Item #6: Handkerchief

Whether you need to wipe your forehead after an intense meeting, dry your partner’s eyes during a sad movie or cover your mouth when the guy next to you on the Gautrain is coughing his lungs out, you can never go wrong with carrying a handkerchief.

Item #7: Cash

All men should obviously take their wallets, containing their IDs, cards, license, etc., with them wherever they go. It is, however, also important to make sure you have cash on you.It is especially useful for travel emergencies or for when your card just refuses to work. It’s pretty embarrassing asking someone else to help you pay for something!

Let us know what you don’t leave the house without by commenting below. 

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