FAQ - Online Store: Shipping

There are no Covid-19 delays, only safe Covid-19 deliveries.

What are the delivery charges for orders with Unbreakable Man?
All orders over R400 automatically get FREE shipping. Any order below R399 will incur a shipping charge as determined by the Courier being used.

The international shipping charge is between R500 to R800 - Find more information here.

    How long will delivery take?
    We deliver 90% of our parcels overnight, but it is best to allow for 2 - 4 working days to deliver anywhere in South Africa and 7-14 working days any destination outside of South African borders.

    I have not received my delivery, and the stated delivery time has passed?
    On rare occasions or in remote areas delays can happen. If the expected delivery times are exceeded significantly, please contact admin@unbreakableman.co.za with your order number and we will try to work out what has happened with your shipment and update you accordingly. Rest assured that you will receive your shipment, even it means we have to send you a replacement. 

    I have tracked my order and my parcel status has been 'Out for Delivery' for the past couple of hours, what should I do?
    Our couriers will make delivery to your door anytime between 8am and 5pm on weekdays (public holidays are excluded). The couriers follow the most efficient route and schedule when making deliveries so you can rest assured that you're on that route and just need to sit tight for a bit - we know you're just excited to get your order, so are we!. We make use of a number of different couriers to deliver our awesome products to you. We do however have a fantastic system in place that lets you check up on the status of your delivery, as well as send you emails to keep you in the loop. That way, you always can easily see what is happening with your delivery.

    If you still need more information though, simply get in touch with us on  admin@unbreakableman.co.za or WhatsApp or call us on 076 143 3933 and we'll get right on it!

    It is 17h00 and I have still not received my delivery, what should I do?
    When we book deliveries with our courier company it is standard to request a delivery before 17h00. This does not always mean that delivery will take place before 17h00, on rare occasions the courier company may deem your delivery address an outlying area (especially residential addresses) and as a result only deliver after 17h00. Should you need to leave the address after 17h00 for any reason and are afraid you will miss the delivery, please note that our courier company has been instructed to give you call, and attempt delivery the following week day, should no one be available at the time of delivery.