5 Fun Bachelor Parties that wont end your marriage before its begun

5 Fun Bachelor Parties that wont end your marriage before its begun

Stag night. The last hoorah. Whatever you call it, bachelor parties are an integral (and often unavoidable) part of getting hitched. But that doesn’t mean you need to subject yourself to a night of reckless drinking and contributing to a stripper’s college fund. Here are a few different, but no less fun, ways to celebrate your last days as a single guy.


  1. Poker

Get the guys together for a night of Texas Hold’em. Braai a few boeries beforehand, make sure you have enough chips and dip to last into the wee hours of the morning, and fill a cooler with ice to keep the beers icy.


  1. River rafting

Why not turn your bachelor’s into an unforgettable adventure? There are excellent river rafting spots across South Africa that offer the perfect fear-to-fun ratio for beginner-rafters. Some places even offer combination packages that include other adventure activities such as rafting, abseiling and quadbike rides.


  1. Beer tasting

Take the inevitable boozing to the next level with a craft beer tasting session. In addition to giving you the opportunity to taste their special brews, some breweries also offer tours through the facilities, so you will end up with a better appreciation of the golden nectar next time you order a cold one.


  1. Paintball

Put on your war face and challenge your mates to a round (or three) of paintball. This fast-paced, action-packed activity is sure to get the testosterone flowing! And when the action is over, you can still get home in time to catch the game and compare war wounds.


  1. Camping

Get in touch with your inner caveman and rough it for a day or two with the rest of your tribe. Pick a spot that is remote enough so you can be loud and crazy if you want to be, but not so far out that you don’t get cellphone reception. You don’t want the bride-to-be to worry, do you? Most camping sites offer activities on or close to the premises, so you can make the getaway as relaxed or active as you want!


Whatever you choose to do for your bachelor party, make sure you enjoy every moment. This is a great opportunity to make lasting memories with your mates before committing to your new life.


Good luck!

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