5 Gifts you can give your groom on the day

5 Gifts you can give your groom on the day

5 Gifts you can give your groom on your wedding day

The gift exchange between the bride and the groom just before the wedding is one of the sweetest wedding traditions that exist. What better way to show your future soulmate that you are absolutely thrilled to marry them than with a thoughtful symbol of your love and commitment.

Here are our wedding day gift suggestions from the bride to the groom:

  • An engraved watch. This is a practical, thoughtful gift that he can keep with him at all times. You can personalise the watch by engraving a sweet message on the back of the watch face. For example: “Until the end of time.”, “I love you more every second” or “I cannot wait to spend every second with you!” 
  • Personalised cufflinks. Engrave a sweet message on cufflinks for your groom. This is a sweet, sentimental gift that he can wear on your wedding day and keep forever thereafter.
  • Printed socks. If you want to loosen up your groom's nerves on your wedding day, buy or custom-make printed socks that say “don’t get cold feet.”
  • Boudoir album. Take a sexy photoshoot and use the photos to create a boudoir album for your groom. The photo’s don’t even have to be too explicit or seductive - but you can give him a little sneak peak of what he’ll be getting later. This is one way to get him super excited to see you at the wedding - and to be alone with you after!
    • Cologne. Spoil your husband to be with a lovely cologne. Make sure it’s a type of smell he is used to before you buy it as some scents may not suit him. 

    These gifts hold a symbolic weight, so they do not necessarily have to be expensive or fancy. Any small gift will mean the world to your future husband on the morning of your wedding.

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