5 Reasons to have an Engagement Party

5 Reasons to have an Engagement Party

5 Good Reasons To Have An Engagement Party

Although you rarely need a reason to throw a bash, an engagement party has two risk factors to keep in mind. One, the budget. And two, the possibility of coming across as a tad too self-involved. However, seeing as it is your wedding, and it is a big deal, we are just going to go ahead and scratch risk factor number two. You deserve all the attention you can get!

5 Reasons to have an Engagement Party

So, here are five good reasons to help justify the budget for an engagement party:

1.It’s part of the wedding experience

Your engagement deserves a bit of a hoo-ha. The ring didn’t just pay for it itself, neither did it leap onto the bride’s finger without a romantic gesture. That’s why a party gives the engagement the credit it is due, and allows you to starts off your wedding experience with a bang. If you are planning to be engaged for some time have the engagement party a little later, to break-up the wait.

2.It’s a great way to relax before the planning & saving starts

Planning a wedding is fun and exciting, some of the time, and stressful during the rest. Don’t just dive into it. Unless time is of the essence, try and stay in the chilled, “recently engaged” phase for a little while longer. Kick-back with some bubbly and take a breather.

3.It’s an opportunity to invite everyone you love

Both of you would surely like to invite your entire family, all your mates, neighbours, childhood friends, mums and dads of friends you often see, colleagues, gym buddies, book club friends etc. Unfortunately, you have to split everyone you love up into lists because you simply cannot afford to have 200 people at your wedding. With the engagement party it is easier to invite everyone you love.

4.It’s an excellent meet & greet

As families and friends come together to celebrate your engagement, they also get to meet each other in an informal way, making it less awkward for everybody. If some of the bridesmaids or groomsmen don’t know each other that well, it is an excellent time for them to get to know each other better too.

5.It’s a good practice run

An engagement party is not nearly on the same scale as a wedding but it is a good practice run for things like:

  • Having all eyes on the two of you

  • Making everyone feel welcome

  • Socialising with groups of friends and family from various circles

  • Giving a toast

What you see as a fitting engagement party is absolutely up to you (and your budget). From a braai to a banquet, anything goes. The only prerequisite is that both of you have fun.

Good luck!

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