Easy gifts for your Groomsmen that wont break the bank

Easy gifts for your Groomsmen that wont break the bank

Being in your wedding party is a gift in itself, naturally. However, that being said, your groomsmen have planned you an unforgettable bachelor’s party, and they will be your slaves on the wedding day – they deserve a gift. 

With a little resourcefulness you can think of great gifts that won’t ruin your budget.

Easy Gifts for your groomsmen that wont break the bank.

Here are our Top 7 choices:

  1. The flask – A flask is always a great choice, especially one that has been filled with some good whiskey. It’s practical and a handy thirst-quencher, especially for those with some nerves to calm before the speeches start. Engrave a special message on the front and it becomes a cherished gift.
  1. The man hamper – A six-pack craft beer, a couple of cigars and some biltong. Best hamper ever! You can all enjoy the gifts before the wedding and make a memory of it. Feel like it’s missing something? Burn each of them a CD with your classics on it and get the party started.
  1. Cool cufflinks – In the market for something snazzy? Spoil your groomsmen with a set of our cufflinks. These makes a great addition to their wedding attire and is something they can hold dear forever. From super stylish to quirky and fun, we have it all. Browse our selection here.
  1. An engraved pocket knife – Every man needs a good-quality pocket knife. It’s the modern man’s handkerchief. A simple, yet practical gift for which your groomsmen will love you. Throw in a large piece of juicy biltong and watch as your guys carve themselves a slice of heaven.
  1. A tie set – It is always a good idea to buy a gift your groomsmen can use as part of their wedding outfits, like a tie with tie clip. It saves them having to shop for it, plus it can be worn again and again and again. Choose one of our tie bars to complement this gift. Browse our selection here.
  1. A braai set – Because who doesn’t like to braai? This is a fun gift you can put together yourself and tweak to fit with the personality of each groomsman. Typically in the set would go a good pair of braai tongs (which is the hero of the set), a braai mix, a bottle of Tobasco etc. Depending on your budget you could throw in a wooden braai plank too.
  1. Beermaking kit – This is a gift that would surely blow your groomsmen’s minds and make them the envy of every single male at the wedding. If you have more than three groomsmen this gift could become expensive but make a few calls and find the best price. The beerlab.co.za has starter kits starting from R555.00.

Whatever you get, just make sure to get your groomsmen something for the day. After all these guys are your best mates, and you've chosen them as your groomsmen for a reason. Ah bromance...

Good luck!
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