Frugal Wedding Advice

Symbol of Serenity and Grace

It's your wedding, not your families, extended or close! You will never be able to please everybody ~ that's life and you will be forgiven - eventually ~

Keep it simple, in every way, beginning to end...

The only expectation you have to live up to, is to love each other ~ nothing else matters! 

Marriages over the years, have been defined by cultures and norms that no longer apply in this current day and age. The elite, extravagant wedding, with over 75 guests is an enormous ask and task for a select few in today's world. 

You need to press reset, not lose sight of the reasons he proposed in the first place and the reason you said "yes". Remembering the core reason for the proposal...

~ the desire to spend the rest of your lives together, for better or for worse ~

Being cost effective is fun, involve more family and friends and make it an interactive bonding experience for all ~ eg...

  • Ask for wedding assistance in place of wedding presents 
  • Borrow and modify your wedding dress or ~ hire - the chances of you ever wearing it again are about zero
  • Make a playlist together as opposed to a band 
  • Supply the alcohol yourselves - budget monthly
  • Prevent the cost of a venue - have it outdoors
  • Build a cupcake wedding cake - we all know a baker
  • Simplify your bouquet - use fragrant flowers found everywhere and fruit
  • Use more candles instead of flower arrangements - reuse them for romantic nights/dinners
  • Make your own electronic invitations ~ spoilt for choice
  • Stick to your numbers - Invite only those who have your best interest at heart ~ it's quite simply impossible to please everybody ~

Give yourself time to plan, go with the flow, stay calm, ask for help, laugh and never forget that

~ Love will conquer all 







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