How to make your wedding fun and memorable

How to make your wedding fun and memorable - blog Unbreakable Man

The Key To Planning A Memorable Wedding

If your aim is to plan a memorable wedding, the key to getting it right is by making it fun for your guests. Obviously, the bride and groom are the most important, but by including a few fun elements you’ll not only have your guests enjoying themselves but you will also make a long and lasting impact in the process.


Some ideas to get you thinking:

  1. Kids entertainment

Happy kids = happy parents. The moment you have happy, relaxed parents you’ve hit gold because they will remember the afternoon of enjoyment for years to come. Secretly parents just want to feel like normal adults too sometimes, so plan some entertainment for the kids and even a nanny or child minder if you can afford it.

  1. Spice things up

A wedding where things are done out of the norm is hard to forget. Like having a morning wedding for example or doing something quirky and fun for the opening dance. (Make sure to have it filmed and put up on YouTube/Social Media.)

Fun Father Daughter Dance

Shorter speeches or a unique theme or location also tend to make a lasting impression.

  1. Keep guests entertained during your photo session

Yes, the bride and groom will disappear for an hour or two between the ceremony and the reception for a photo session. However, don’t leave your guests high and dry during that time. The last thing you want is to be remembered for the wrong reasons. Instead, make sure there are enough snacks and drinks to keep hungry guests from turning into hangry guests. And make provision for some lawn games (i.e. an adult jumping castle could be fun), ample shaded seating, and music or a live band could also be a nice touch. Thumb twiddling guests while you’re out posing is a big no-no.

  1. Give out clever wedding favours

A clever wedding favour can add magic to an already fun evening. If it is a lasting gift – even better. Great ideas of party favours include slippers or flip flops for the women to use when they kick off their heels later the night, a hangover kit, a sweets bar, succulent plants, lipstick, sunglasses, nail polish, coasters, a jar of jam, etc. The opportunities are endless. Lottery tickets are also a cool, inexpensive idea and your guests will be sure to remember your day if they win anything.  

  1. Serve delicious food & drinks

A wedding where delicious food and drinks are served will remain in the memory banks for ages. Don’t just serve the ordinary. Think outside of the box and give your guests a unique culinary experience. Talk to different caterers, sample their food and search the internet for ideas. Don’t underestimate the power of simple classics like piping hot shoestring fries with a dip and a delicious craft beer as post ceremony snacks. Come Monday all your guests will be daydreaming of that moment.

  1. Set up a fun photo booth

Photobooths are popular for a good reason: they are super fun for the guests. Not only do your guests get to be silly and let their hair down but the moment is also captured forever. Looking at the photos later will bring back fond memories.

  1. Think twice about the music

Make sure your DJ or band plays music that gets people in a good mood and moving. Boring music will keep most of your guests sitting at their tables or send them flocking to the bar or smoking area where there is usually a party of its own going on. A clever mixture of old classics and modern hits will keep a steady flow of people on the dance floor jumping around and having a ball. When in doubt, go for the songs everybody will know.

Have you planned something special that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments.


Good luck!

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