How to save on your wedding invites

How to save on your wedding invites

How To Save Money On Your Wedding Invites


You’ve been to many a wedding before. You know how it is. How much time did you spend on studying the couple’s wedding invite? Did you even see it or is it still in the person’s car who was suppose to deliver it to you? The ugly truth is that only a select few will really cherish your invite (mostly designers and unmarried women who will add it to their “idea” box) – so why spend a lot of money on them? After all, wouldn’t you rather spend the money on more important things like your honeymoon?

 How to save on your wedding invites

Here are a few ideas you can use to save money, time and sanity on for your wedding invites.


  1. The less is more invite – Yes invites with your names or initials engraved or embossed look beautiful, but they will cost you. Rather keep it plain and simple. A beautifully designed invite with a basic envelope will do the job. The moment you go with different types and thickness of paper, envelopes with a shimmer etc. you are heading for a pricey invite.


  1. The email invite – It’s practical and none of your guests will misplace it. You can still have someone design something pretty and unique but you’ll save on all the printing costs. This is also ideal if you have friends and family scattered across the country. You don’t have to worry about it reaching them in time.


  1. The DIY invite – I know what your thinking. Hand written cards with butterflies stuck to them. Please. No. By all means use a computer and print the invites, but do it without getting a professional designer involved. Browse the internet and Pinterest, you’ll find plenty of unique ideas that even the least creative person can master.
  1. The photo invite – Choose your favourite picture of you and your other half, and print the wedding information on the back. A photo is the perfect size for any envelope and who throws out a picture? Chances are most of your friends will add it to their fridges where it will be safe for months to come. Idea: Why not give your guests a funky fridge magnet as gift with your invite, thus ensuring it will go against the fridge.


  1. The website invite – Although this is not a new idea, it is not really enjoying the cred it deserves. We’re baffled… it’s modern, eco-friendly and so super practical for the bride and groom, you simply email the link to all your guests. Guests can simply RSVP online, and the information is easy downloaded by you. The best of it all is you can do it yourself for FREE. Just browse the net and you’ll find various options. If any of the wedding detail changes, you can simply update it online. Easy peasy.


  1. The WhatsApp invite – It may sound corny and unconventional, but these days, we do everything on WhatsApp and other messaging platforms. Why not do your wedding invite on there too? Design a little picture using a free picture app on your phone, and send that cool pic to your potential wedding guests. You’ll be able to see when the message has been delivered, and even when the recipient has read the message, so you know when to hound them for an RSVP.


Happy inviting.

Good luck!

Do you have a cool idea for wedding invites? Let us know in the comments below.

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