Ideas for an unconventional wedding

Ideas for an unconventional wedding

Ideas for an unconventional wedding

Looking for something beyond the normal “chapel – white dress – speeches – buffet”-routine for your big day? Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing to make your wedding just that little bit different.

Change the time

Who says you have to say “I do” in the late afternoon? Why not do a pre-dawn ceremony in the summer and watch the sun rise for the first time as newlyweds? Just remember to provide enough coffee to keep the guests from grumbling. Or, if you fancy a bit more drama, why not get married at the stroke of midnight? That's bound to get your guests talking. 

Go somewhere different

Everyone and his cousin is getting married in a cute chapel and grandiose cathedral. But you don’t have to. Find a rooftop with a cool view, or go to the park and get married on the monkey bars. See how much of the ceremony you can conclude before security comes and chases you out of Sandton Square. Your only limit is your imagination (and your city’s bylaws). 

Ditch the buffet

Or at least, re-imagine it! Create a build-your-own-burger bar, a pizza assembly line, or a make-a-taco stand. Think about what food you and your significant love eating, and put a fun twist on it. You can even do a truly South African braai with your best men acting as the braai masters. Get creative with your chow and your wedding party will love it. 

Shift the celebrations

Instead of celebrating your newlywed status in a reception venue (and running the risk of the DJ playing the Chicken Dance song at some stage during the evening), rather treat your guests to an adventure. Take everyone river rafting, abseiling or hot air ballooning, and end the day with a cold one at your local. This can also be a lot less expensive. 

Keep them entertained

If you do decide to go the reception venue route, you can still keep things fun. Get an ice cream truck to deliver dessert, put up a bouncy castle (adults only!), or do a colour run/walk before dinner. Give your guests (and yourselves!) something to remember your wedding by. 

Do your guests a favour

If your wedding turns into the epic party you intend it to, your guests are going to need some TLC the morning after. Instead of a traditional wedding favour, pack a care package for each containing water, headache tablets, rehydration solution, and a packet of mints. We guarantee your guests will thank you!

Whatever you decide to do to make your wedding memorable, make sure that it reflects who you are as a couple. And remember that it doesn't have to cost a fortune either. It’s your big day, after all!

Good luck, and happy planning.

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