Our 5 money saving wedding tips for 2020

Our 5 money saving wedding tips for 2020


Getting married is expensive. The average wedding in South Africa costs about R80 000 - that’s if you’re catering for less than 100 guests. Obviously, some couples end up spending a lot more on their weddings. There are lots of costs involved in wedding planning that you need to consider, such as engagement ring, wedding rings, honeymoon, lawyer fees and, depending on your culture, lobola. So, you may find yourself or your family forking out anything over R130 000 - or getting into a heap of debt to cover the heavy costs.


Regardless of the facts, there are ways to plan an absolutely unforgettable wedding while not breaking the bank. So, if you're strapped for cash but still want to throw a beautiful wedding that you, your partner, your family and your friends can enjoy, read Unbreakable Man’s money saving tips below.


Only invite VIP

While there are lots of people who would love to be at your wedding, you need to keep your list short and sweet. Just remember, you’re paying for each guest so, the more people you invite, the higher the cost will be. Start by excluding children and coworkers. Something I remember one of my friends saying is “if they haven’t used my toilet in the last year, they’re not invited”. - Obviously, with exceptions. 


Steer away from any wedding norms you don’t like

Don’t feel obliged to throw a very traditional wedding. These days, people are adding modern twists to their weddings. I’ve seen çouples serve their guests pizza instead of a 4 course meal or having their wedding in a garden instead of in an expensive wedding hall. If you’d like to have an unconventional wedding, now is the perfect time to do so!


Get your friends and family involved

Your friends and family will be more than happy to help you get things ready for your special day! If you have a friend or family member who can bake, ask them to bake your wedding cake; if you have any artistic friends or family members, ask them to help with all the crafty wedding things, such as decor, save the dates and invites; and, if you have a friend who’s into photography, request discounted services for your wedding photography. This way, you can include special people in your wedding planning, while saving a lot of money.


Opt for a simple menu

It’s no use blowing a huge chunk of your wedding budget on food. All you have to do is make sure you provide tasty food - not necessarily fancy food! Provide your guests with a buffet instead of individually plated meals. This will ensure less food is wasted and cut down the overall food cost. 

Don’t offer an open bar

If you can organise a cash bar for your wedding, do so. Allowing your guests to drink at your expense can become very costly very quickly. You can provide some wine and water for the tables but make sure your guests pay for all their other drinks.


Relax and enjoy!

Just remember, your friends and family will enjoy your wedding no matter what! So, stop putting so much pressure on planning a lavish wedding and focus on having a fun time with the people you love!


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