Rock that Speech: A Guide for your Best Man

Rock that Speech: A Guide for your Best Man

So your best buddy (or brother or cousin) asked you to be his best man. Sweet. This means you get to throw him a bachelor party, wear a smart suit, and stand next to him when he says his vows. But it also means that you will need to make one of the most important speeches during the reception – in front of a crowd of people you might not know.
Rock that speech: A Guide for your best man.
But don’t go into a total panic! Here are a few tips to make it easier:

It sounds obvious, but don’t think that you can just walk up to the mike at the reception and drop a killer speech without preparing. You need to know exactly what you want to say and when you want to say it. The key to a good speech is its flow. You can’t jump around randomly between topics and expect your audience to keep up. If you are afraid that you will forget something, write down the key points of your speech on a note card.

Make a connection
As mentioned before, many of the people at the reception will not know who you are. Start by introducing yourself and mentioning how you know the bride and groom. You can follow this by telling a funny little anecdote about the groom to lighten the mood – but don’t say anything that is embarrassing or in bad taste! Also take a moment to compliment the bride on her appearance and character, and to congratulate the groom on his great taste.

Say something memorable
Just before ending your speech, give your audience something to reflect on. Choose a quote on relationships and read it out before you call for a toast. It can be emotional, profound or even funny – just as long as the quote will resonate with the bridal couple on the day. End your speech with a wish for the couple and their life together.

Your speech doesn’t need to be long to rock. Speak from the heart, be yourself, and stay sober! There will be plenty of time for a tipple after you’ve fulfilled your Best Manly-duties.

Good luck!
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