The duties of the Groom on the Wedding day

The duties of the Groom on the Wedding day

7 Wedding Duties The Groom Should Master

 Duties of the Groom on your wedding day

Every wedding is different. And depending on the type of wedding you’re having, its location and budget, a groom’s duties could differ considerably. However, in general there are seven duties that generally befall the groom. So sharpen up on your skills and get your head in the game, ‘cause here they are:


  1. Pick your sidekicks & manage them.

That’s easy enough, one might think. But how do you choose between all your good mates? If it is too difficult stick with your very best mate, your brother/s and your fav cousin. But choose carefully, because you don’t want a groomsman that doesn’t pull his weight.

Give each of your men their duties early on, and make sure they are on top of it.

What are groomsmen duties? Organising the bachelors of course, but they should also:

  • Assist in choosing/buying their attire.
  • Sort out their accommodation for the wedding.
  • Assist with any heavy lifting, décor hanging etc. for the wedding.
  • Deliver the bride’s gift the morning of the big day.
  • Keep you calm on the day.
  • Help you get ready.
  • Greet guests.


  1. Take control of the music and sound

Whether you're doing a live band or a DJ, it is up to you to make it a success. Her walking down the aisle moment requires good quality, audible music. So make sure you have the band/radio and sound set up perfectly. And how sad is an empty dance floor at a wedding? Take care in preparing your playlist and choose all the hits that you know will keep the party going until you say: “When!”


  1. Choose your ring

Don’t just choose any ring. Choose a ring you love. Shop around, hit online sites and see if your friends are wearing anything that triggers your fancy. Our wide range of durable and affordable Tungsten rings is sure to get your attention. Browse our selection here>>


  1. Get dressed for success

If you are quite savvy when it comes to dressing yourself, take matters into your own hands, shop around, go for fittings, and manage the purchase of your suit/outfit. If you have your doubts, get your bride-to-be or your best-dressed mate to offer guidance.

  1. Organise the honeymoon

It doesn’t matter if you are going abroad for two weeks or doing a low-key getaway – the planning is on you. If it isn’t a secret, ask your fiancé for her ideas etc. but take care of all the admin yourself.


  1. Champagne anyone?

The bar and drinks usually form part of the groom’s to-dos. If your venue has its own stocked bar, you only need to sort out the table wine and champagne situation as well as pre-drinks.

If the venue has no bar, you’ll have to organise everything. Your venue will offer advice as to what previous couples did. Research the best option and go for it!


  1. Bride’s gift

It is customary to give the bride a gift on the morning of the wedding. It doesn’t have to be something huge or even expensive. Just make it heartfelt. Spend some time on thinking what the best gift will be. Also write a little love letter, she’ll adore you for it. But do all of this in advance, as the last week of the wedding will be chaotic.


Good luck!
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