Why Should I buy him a tungsten wedding ring?

Why Should I buy him a tungsten wedding ring?

Why Should I Buy Him a Tungsten Wedding Ring?

Have you tried searching for the perfect wedding ring online? Chances are Google gave you about 1000 suggestions on women’s wedding and engagement rings and only a few on men’s wedding rings.

The tradition of wearing marriage bands dates back to ancient Egyptian brides and, to this day, we’re still putting a ring on it! Wedding rings are a big deal, so make sure you choose the perfect wedding ring for your groom.

Women often find themselves consumed in wedding planning - and they love it, while men may find all the wedding terminology foreign and overwhelming. We want to help you help him. So, to relieve both you and your man from hours of tedious ring shopping, we have an easy solution for you. Here’s a few reasons why you should buy a manly tungsten wedding ring for your husband-to-be.

Built-in Comfort Fit

While you may be use to wearing jewellery, your groom might not be. A man’s ring needs to feel comfortable, which is usually why men’s rings are bigger - not too big - with less frills and spills.

Unbreakable Man makes sure all our rings come with a built-in comfort fit. This means that your groom can wear a ring that sits comfortably on his finger, can be removed without hurting him and won’t get stuck if his finger swells in summer.

We also guarantee that our rings will be the most comfortable ring your man can wear. We place a bunch of emphasis on designing our comfort fit to what guys want. 

Easy to maintain

Cleaning a tungsten ring is easy. You don’t need any harsh chemicals and cleaners to make the ring look as good as new again; in fact, you shouldn’t use any at all. All you need to do is clean the ring with water and, if you really want to, a mild soap solution.


Besides the fact that there are different tungsten ring styles available, you can also customise the ring to make it more personal for him by either engraving your names or a special message on the ring or getting him a custom designed ring. We do it all. :)

Suits any lifestyle

As a rule, men are more practical than women when it comes to added accessories. While we may want a beautiful diamond ring that sparkles in the moonlight and catches everyone’s attention, he’s probably more concerned about the purpose and fit of the ring. The type of ring he needs will depend on a few factors; to name a few:

When and where will he wear his ring? Is he going to wear it to work? Will it be a safety hazard? Does he gym a lot or participate in a lot of sporting activities?

Usually, a tungsten ring is ideal for men who have hands-on jobs and active lifestyles. The durable metal is resistant to scratches so, it won’t wear as fast as other metals.

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