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FAQ - All about Tungsten Carbide

How can I ensure the correct ring size?

Jewellers use a set of metal finger sizing rings. This is the best way to measure your finger size. The best way to find your correct size is to start with a size that slides easily onto the finger. Then progressively try smaller sizes until you find one which will not fit. Your correct size will be roughly a half to one full size larger. In general a wider ring may need to be slightly larger, and a narrow ring may need to be slightly smaller. Fingers are a bit larger in warm weather and smaller in cold weather, so take that into account.

Can I resize a Tungsten Carbide ring?

Tungsten Carbide rings cannot be re-sized because of their physical properties. Tungsten Carbide is approximately 10 times harder than steel, and is much denser than steel or titanium. It is comparable with corundum or sapphire in hardness and can only be polished and finished with abrasives of superior hardness such as cubic boron nitride and diamond. Our Unbreakable range comes with a 2 year size replacement guarantee, which means we will replace your ring for free in the event that it needs to be re-sized, for a period of two years from date of purchase. In the instance of your ring needing to be re-sized, a small shipping and handling fee will be applicable. 

We do not offer any guarantees whatsoever on any of the following:

- Engraved rings

- Custom manufactured rings

- Rings with inlays of any sort

- Rings with a coating of any sort

- Broken chipped or cracked rings

Simply pop a mail to and we can advise you of the process.


The benefits of a Tungsten Carbide ring?

Tungsten Carbide rings will never bend. They are super scratch resistant and will retain their finish for years to come. Our Tungsten Carbide Rings are all 100% hypoallergenic so no more worries about allergies or colouring of your finger. Tungsten Carbide is 4 times harder than titanium alloys and only under extreme circumstances can it be damaged. 

Can my Tungsten Carbide ring be removed in an emergency?

Tungsten Carbide rings are actually much safer than most rings made from other metals because of its ability to break. Tungsten Carbide rings do not bend. As a result, when extreme pressure is applied to the ring, it will break without harming the finger. Gold and other metals that bend can harm the finger as a result. Thus a Tungsten Carbide ring is a much safer choice.

Is my Tungsten Carbide ring really 'unbreakable'?

No. Tungsten Carbide can be broken or damaged, but because of its hardness it is exceptionally scratch resistant and will always keep its factory finish. However applying extreme force to the material may break the ring. 'Unbreakable' is simply the name of our Tungsten Carbide Range, and it should not be interpreted that our rings will be, in fact, unbreakable.
Although Tungsten Carbide is an extremely resilient material, it is susceptible to breaking from things like:
  • Opening of bottles with the ring;
  • Throwing the ring on the floor;
  • Dropping the ring from height; or
  • Any other activity for which the ring was not designed.
The safest place for one of our rings is on your finger.