5 Sensory Valentines Day Ideas.

5 Sensory Valentines Day Ideas.
Don't land in the soup because you forgot 
Valentines Day!
Here are some saucy Ideas.
Make the effort, let your hair down, be frivolous and be in love 
♥~ Let nothing else matter ~♥
Lets Go…
Some ideas
What about a date night that will include all of your senses that can be held in the comfort of your own home and/or backyard?
It's summer, we can do the backyard.
We are going to walk you through this one, step-by-step.
The ‘5 Senses’ date will be making use of you and your partners 5 senses: Sound, Sight, Smell, Touch and Taste. Each category will consist of a fun, affordable activity you and your partner can enjoy together, or just a simple gift that will emphasize their senses.
1. SOUND - Set the mood
As your partner walks into the room, start playing your song, whether it's the song of your first dance at your wedding, or a song that reminds you of your partner. You can even work in a dance (if you're brave enough).
If you can't think of a song to set the mood, you can play your partner a voice note or a recording where you can pour your heart out or tell them a funny relationship joke.
 Gift Alternatives:
~ Headphones ~
~ An audiobook ~
~ A favorite Playlist ~
~ Dance lessons ~

2. SIGHT - feast your eyes

For a bit of fun and a big laugh experiment by drawing each other or having fun on an app such as ‘FaceApp', which includes 28 filters that can change your style completely with just one tap.
To keep things on the romantic side, pleasure their eyes with a sexy dance.
 Gift Alternatives:
~ Roses ~
~ Favorite memories -framed  ~
~ Movie tickets ~
~ A “kinky” photo if you are comfortable enough to share that with your partner 

 3. SMELL - the love in the air

You can easily pair Smell with Taste or Touch in your own way. 
For Smell and Touch you can light a few candles while taking a bubble bath or giving them a massage with scented oils. 
To pair Smell and Taste you can have your own mini wine tasting (swirl, sniff and sip) or even a chocolate tasting (bring out the big guns, like Lindt and Ferrero Rocher).
 Gift Alternatives:
~ Scented candles ~
~ Incense ~
~ Perfume ~
~ Cologne ~
~ Flowers ~

 4. TOUCH - my body all over


Being able to touch each other is such a privilege. Keeping things on the light and playful side you and your partner can body paint each other and record your game to watch back later.
If you're feeling all hot & fiery, you can give your partner a sensual massage creating a romantic atmosphere with lit candles, soft music and oily oils.
 Gift Alternatives:
~ Massage voucher at a spa ~ 
~ Sexy lingerie ~
~ Soft teddy ~
~ Velvety cuddle blanket ~
~ Exotic Feathers ~

 5. TASTE - Tantelise the taste buds



This is the fun part… If you're having dinner at a restaurant, save the desert for when you get home (trust us on this).
This activity involves blindfolding your partner and feeding them the desert of your preference, slow and sensual. Be sure to get in some soft kisses along the neck and on the mouth. Here are some great dessert ideas that work for this occasion: chocolate mousse, truffles or chocolate coated strawberries - this is the best way to end off your date.
 Gift Alternatives:
~ Good bottle of wine ~
~ A pack of good craft beer ~
~ A box of their favorite chocolates ~
~ Personalized candy jar with all of their favorites ~
~ Homemade Cookies ~
So we've held your hand this far, but the rest is up to you. We have faith that you know what to do next. Remember, even if it doesn't go perfectly, the thought and effort you put into it will blow them away and make them feel loved.
From us all @ Unbreakable Man


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