We choose SA! #ZumaResign

As a small business in South Africa and as citizens of this beautiful country, we cannot, with good conscience, stand by and watch one man destroy what this country's people have worked so hard for, for 23 years. 

Not only has Mr Zuma evaded criminal charges, wastefully spent this country's hard earned money for his own gain, and ignored the Constitutional Court, but he is now holding our economy and this country's citizens to ransom. All this with a view to further enriching himself, and his cronies while everyone else suffers. 

We cannot stand for this. Not us. Not you. Not anyone. 

We choose SA! #ZumaResign

Today we are adding our voice to the millions of others that are demanding that President Zuma resign by closing our business for the day in protest, and by helping to create awareness around this protest - and we urge you to do the same. 

State failure does not come in one swift motion - it comes in tiny increments, much like the increments we have seen from our dishonourable President thus far, and it is now up to us to draw line. 

We urge you to join in the protest in whatever way you feel comfortable. Paint your face, create a banner, pray, post to social media, or even just educate others about why this is an important stand. The key here is to participate, in whatever peaceful form you like.

Not only will you feel better about yourself for doing something, but ten years down the line when the current youth ask what difference you made to the future of this country - you will be able to say, 'I did something!'. 

We are a better country than we give ourselves credit for, and today you can prove that. 

Let us know how you are participating by leaving a comment below. 

#ZumaResign #NotMyPresident #ZumaMustFall

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