5 ideas to keep the romance alive

5 ideas to keep the romance alive

In the months leading up to a wedding, couples are usually so wrapped up with planning, decision-making and nail biting, that romance often starts to recede.  Years from now though, when you look back, you won’t only consider the wedding and honeymoon as part of the wedding, but also the time leading up to it. So spice things up and surprise each other by planning a romantic date while you are planning.
After all, the wedding is about you two, and it’s important that your bond comes first.

5 Ways to keep the romance.
Here are some inexpensive ideas to keep the romance.

  1. A picnic: Oh the classic picnic, it just never goes out of style. Making and packing all those little finger foods, can seem like a schlep but who said you need to make it yourself? Pack your and your fiancé’s fav meats, cheeses, spreads, crackers, fruits, Woolies’ finger foods, wine, sparking wine in a picnic basket and you are ready to roll. Pick a nice spot at a Botanical Garden for example and enjoy a lazy Saturday or Sunday catching up.
  1. Tour your own city: When last have you two been tourists in your own city? Maybe there’s a landmark nearby you have never seen together, or a new local market to explore. Plan a little day trip for the two of you, which involves a tour of a landmark or tourist attraction followed by lunch at a restaurant you’ve always wanted to go to. Quality time is the aim.
  1. Cook a 3-course meal: Irrespective of your culinary skills, surprise your fiancé with a romantic three-course meal. If you live together, do it at home. If you live apart do it at your flat but make sure your roommate/s hit the road for the evening. If you are really not good in the kitchen be creative. Do something like a tuna salad for a starter, an easy cook in curry dish for the main and basic ice cream and chocolate sauce for dessert. Set the table with candles and flowers to create the mood.
  1. Go see a band, or show: Surprise your fiancé by booking tickets to watch your fav SA band, or whatever else fits your personalities for e.g. theatre productions, ballet, the museum, art exhibitions, expos etc. Dress up, go for dinner or drinks before or after and make an event of it.
  1. Little surprises: Some months there might just not be time or budget to do the things you really want. Keep the romance alive with little those little things then. Surprise your fiancé by doing one or more of her chores. Sneak a note into her lunch box. Surprise your with dinner cooked by the time she gets home. A foot or shoulder rub. The possibilities are endless…
Don’t forget why you are getting married. It will make the hard times less difficult, and the good times doubly happy.
Good luck!
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