7 Signs That She’s The One

7 Signs That She’s The One

7 Signs That She’s The One

Last week we gave some proposal advice that could potentially help you pull a fast one on your lady.  But maybe there are some of you that want to take that next step but fear it. Let’s face it, society is working very hard to ruin happily-ever-after’s rep. That being said, here are 7 signs that could confirm whether or not she’s the one:

  1. You both love each other just the way you are

Very Bridget Jones-ee, but also very true. Sure, there are some things about each other that can and should change…like your poor hygiene and her inability to pack lightly, but these changes are normal. If you want her thinner, bustier, funnier, prettier, long-legier, however, you don’t deserve her. And vice versa.

  1. You enjoy each other’s company

Enjoying each other’s company is a must. If you look forward to spending alone time with her and you two can laugh together, cry together, dream together…she’s the one!

  1. It is easy to be in the relationship

Relationships can have some bouts of drama. You are two different people with two different backstories so this is natural. But if constant fighting or drama makes it difficult to be together, marriage won’t solve it.

  1. You share things

If you enjoy sharing stories (anything from a random childhood memory to what you had for lunch) and she takes an interest in hearing them, and vice versa, she’s your gal.

Shes the one!

  1. Your best friends approve

You don’t need anyone’s approval that’s for sure. But sometimes you can be so lost in love that you don’t really notice how much she’s changing you, and whether it is for the better. If your best friends can confirm that you are in a healthy relationship and she’s the one, it is a very good sign indeed.

  1. You have similar priorities

Our priorities in life change as we age and it is probably not fair to judge whether someone is the one or not based on their current priorities. But some priorities (you know what’s important to you) can become a make or break and it is better to realise it sooner rather than later. 

  1. You both take an interest in each other’s interests

If she takes an interest in the things that mean a lot to you i.e. your family, friends, a hobby, or a passion – she’s a keeper. But remember, it’s a two-way street.

These seven signs are just a guideline, deep down you already know if she’s the one or not.

Good luck!

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