Pop the Question: 7 Tips on asking

Pop the Question: 7 Tips on asking

Proposal Tips To Help You Stay Cool, Calm and Incognito

So you’ve got the girl and her parents in the bag, and the shiny engagement ring is paid off (well, nearly). Now all that’s left is popping the question. (Eeek!!)

Naturally, being the don juan you are, picking the right time, place and words for said question is second nature. But let’s face it, all that Mentalist, Criminal Minds and Elementary watching has turned the gals into domestic detectives.

So here are some tips to not only keep your surprise on the down low, but also to help you keep your cool.

Tip 1: Don’t lend out your ears

Once your friends or family catch a whiff of your intentions their ideas and advice will rain down like premature confetti. Take time to think of a few ideas that will be special for the two of you. And then only confide in a select few for advice. A. Very. Select. Few.

You don’t want the secret leaking before the big day.


Tip 2: Choose a sentimental location

Asking the question at a spot that has significant meaning is a nice touch and has a lot of story appeal. Not to add pressure, but you know the story will be told and retold, right, so it better have a ‘special place’ as part of the plot. Give it some thought. The ring-in-the-wine-glass-at-the-restaurant-proposal has been done to death. Just saying.


Tip 3: Pick a date that means something else

Don’t do it on her birthday, or Christmas or some other special day. That only takes away from the excitement of the actual celebration of that day, and you want to keep your secret safe. The first day’s she will expect will be the special days, and that’s not fun.

If you normally do spur of the moment romantic things, any date will do. But if you are someone who only suggests dinners or weekends away on those special occasions, unusual initiative might seem suspect. Plan a ruse instead. Make it a surprise.


Tip 4: Keep the secret

You’ll want to tell everyone about the when and where but remember, some people simply can’t keep a secret. One subtle hint from a friend for her to go and do her nails, and the domestic detective in her be like: I’m getting engaged! When in doubt - stay quiet.


Tip 5: Ask early in the day

This tip is partly so you don’t look distracted most of the day (and risk giving yourself away), and partly so you have the rest of the time to celebrate the engagement together. So unless you have a sequence of events planned (you charmer you!) for the day, ask earlier and make an engagement day of it.


Tip 6: Practice going on one knee

This may seem like a silly tip, you’ve mos seen many a soapie and a romcom. You know how it is done. But it isn’t a natural pose for any person and might make the moment awkward or hilarious, and you might not say or do what you’ve planned.


Tip 7: Prepare one knockout line and wing the rest

Ask anyone - although you might think you’ll be all calm and cool-like, it’s nerve wrecking.  When she looks at you with those beautiful blinking eyes of hers you’ll probably forget that entire speech you had. So practice a single show stopping line. One you’ll remember and that will open up the floor for whatever you feel like saying afterwards.


But what do we know? We aren’t in your relationship. You know what to do. When the moment is right, even if you haven’t prepared anything, even if you fall on your face or over your words, it is still your unique story, and it will be awesome! Go get her Tiger!

(Oh, and after she’s emphatically said ‘Yes!’, don’t forget to tell her that you want a Tungsten wedding ring from Unbreakable Man.) #JustSaying) ;) 


Good luck!

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