10 Common Wedding Mistakes to avoid!

10 Common Wedding Mistakes to avoid!

10 Common Wedding Mistakes To Avoid

Every bride and groom is different and your approach to your wedding is not set in stone until its actually done. However, no matter how much you try and plan there could be a few things that creep in and leave you feeling like: "Man, what a mistake." (bwuh bwuh bwaahh!)

So here are 10 of the most common wedding mistakes the bride and groom should take care to avoid.

1. Thinking budget smudget, you only get married once

Future-you will definitely want to kick past you in the privates if you leave yourself with heaps of debt over your wedding. Budgets are there for a reason, so for heavens sake, stick to yours. If you find that there is something you feel would make your wedding more memorable, but that comes at an enormous cost, weigh up the cost vs the effect that one specific thing would add to your big day. Chances are, its not really going to make that much of a difference to the memory. 


2. Forgetting about the guests while doing your photo shoot

The time between the ceremony and the reception can feel like a lifetime to hungry and parched guests. Plan ahead and make sure there is enough shade, some snacks and beverages, perhaps even a little entertainment to help kill time while you're busy with photos, etc. If your guests start your wedding well, chances are they will end it well too, and you'll have nothing but compliments for years to come. 


3. Not making time to greet and thank all your guests

On the day of the wedding make sure you take time to mingle with all your guests, especially those that you don’t see often. It is just good etiquette.  Remember, a wedding is also an expense for your guests and apart from the wedding gifts they bring they are also giving you the most expensive gift of all: their time.

Every guest there will feel warm and mushy if you make time for them in yo0ur busy schedule for a quick catch up. 


4. Sending your thank you cards late, or not at all

On that note, also remember to send out thank you cards once you get back from the honeymoon and not too late afterwards. If you want your thank you cards to feature on a wedding photograph, put in a special request with your photographer. Don't underestimate the power of a call too. Wedding gifts can be expensive, and sometimes a quick bulk email thank you just wont cut it, and can leave your guests feeling quite unappreciated. 


5. Keeping your wedding too small or going too big

If there are budget restraints a small wedding is a natural must. But if you can afford a larger wedding but opt for a smaller one, make sure it is really what you want. And vice versa. Bigger isn't always better. 


6. Losing your personalities in the style of the wedding

All the beautiful venues, décor, dresses etc. can be overwhelming but make sure your wedding reflects you and your partner’s style. It is still a wedding so it should be classy and you should look and feel the best you ever have. But stay true to yourself. Wedding days are all about the experience, the emotions, the company, dont forget that. 


7. Getting caught up in the prettiness of your table settings and forgetting about the practicality of it

Don’t let beautiful flower arrangements and table settings prevent your guests from engaging with people across from them. Also make sure there is enough room on the table for guests’ natural movements. There is nothing worse than sardines sitting tightly in a row or struggling to get in and out of their seats. Thats just plain uncomfortable, and sure to leave a sour taste in your guests mouths. 


8. Not planning the day practically

Allow enough time for everything, but don’t try to fit in too much in too little time as you will find yourself rushing from one appointment to the next. Allow enough time to eat properly and if you want to be alone for a little while make sure you plan for it too. Make sure your MC also understands the schedule 110%. He is the guy that needs to communicate with your guests, and well informed guests are happy guests. 


9. Neglecting to go over the finer details

The devil is in the details, or so they say. Don’t book anything for your wedding without checking and double-checking the finer details. Small costs for this and that can add up and spoil your mood when you receive those extra bills.


10. Harbouring illusions that the day will go perfectly

Up to the day you can micro manage everything as much as you like, but on the day you have to enjoy yourself and take everything in your stride. Just know there is no such thing as a “perfect” wedding where every single thing runs according to schedule or exactly as you dreamed it in your head. If it does, then good for you. But don’t put that kind of pressure on yourself and your wedding party. Don’t freak out if the champagne never made the fridge, or you groom lost a cuff link. 

Weddings days are all about the people - your guests and yourselves. Treat the people at your big day with love and care, and they will return the favour, making it all the more special and memorable for everybody. 

If something goes wrong, take it in your stride. This is your day, so go out and own it.

Good luck!

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