Wedding planning: 5 tips to ease the pain

Wedding planning: 5 tips to ease the pain

Wedding Planning: 5 tips to ease the pain

A wedding is one of the most special moments in a couple’s lives; so
whatever you do, don’t let the planning get you down. The entire process from
engagement through to the I dos should be a pleasant and memorable one.
Here are 5 wedding planning tips to help you achieve this:

Wedding planning Tip 1: Start with a budget

Let’s not beat around the bush, we all know weddings are expensive. It is
therefore completely natural that one of the biggest headaches of any
wedding has to do with funding it.

That’s why before you plan or daydream about anything, work out what the
budget is. This way you can manage your expectations better from here on.

Wedding planning Tip 2: Prioritise

The engagement euphoria-phase is usually followed by a phase of utter
frenzy. Thoughts about organising a venue, wedding invites, caterers, bridal
party, the bride’s dress, the groom’s suit, music, flowers, wedding rings, table
décor, and, and, and are sure to kick the wind out of you if you try and think
about it all at once.

So, don’t. Think of your wedding as a large project that requires various
deliverables in between. Make a list of each and everything that needs to
happen, prioritise them and give each a start-by date and a reasonable
action-by date. This way there will be plenty of tasks you can leave for future-
you to worry about at a later date.

Wedding planning Tip 3: Divide responsibilities

Now that you have a list of priorities, and start-by and action-by dates for each
that burning pit in your stomach should round about now be scorching, right?
It is because the list is long and overwhelming – we get it!
That’s why you need to divide the responsibilities. Most of the tasks will
require both of your input but the key is to make sure that the management
and completion of a specific item is with one or the other.

Wedding planning Tip 4: Get minions

Depending on your budget, hiring professional help in is not always a feasible
option. But if you look closely at the twinkling in some of your family members’
eyes you will recognise it as their pure desire to help out with something. Take
them up on it and delegate a few responsibilities to them. Make sure you brief
them properly on what exactly it is you want, and what the budget should be.
Under no circumstances should you hand-over control of a particular task, as
this decision could turn on you very quickly.

Remember, your bridal party isn’t just there to throw you a bridal
shower/bachelor’s party and look awesome on the day. Nope, they too are
minions available to you for all sorts of stuff. Use them!

Wedding planning Tip 5: Stay true to yourself

Most of wedding planning involves making choices. You have to pick the
venue, a theme, your clothing, the wedding colours, the décor, table settings,
flowers etc. And most of the stress (apart from that allusive budget stress of
course) is around ensuring that all of your choices work together.
The vast amount of ideas on the internet is a good and a bad thing. The
moment you stay true to your own unique style, the easier it will be to make
choices. And, in doing so the multiple decisions you have to make will work
together better too.

Good luck!

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