How to lose weight in time for your wedding.

Lose weight in time for your wedding

Wanting to lose some weight before your wedding day is absolutely normal.
Everybody wants to look lean, healthy and glowing on the thousands of
photos that will be taken on that day. And let’s not forget the honeymoon.
As those of you who already look this way know, there are no short cuts. Fad
diets and gimmicks might get your weight down or help you drop a jean size,
but they won’t help you on the healthy and glowing front, and worst of all they
won’t last.

Stick to the 80/20 rule and make your weight loss experience a lifestyle
change. This way you will get the best and most lasting results.

Try the following:

1. Eat smaller, balanced meals, more frequently
Weight loss is unfortunately more about what you eat. So it is important to eat
smaller meals, more frequently. By eating 6 smaller meals during the day we
prevent ourselves from getting too hungry and overeating.
Research a meal plan that your taste buds and budget can stomach or go old
school by making sure that each small meal consists of the 5 food groups.

2. Exercise
Exercise not only helps you burn calories and tone muscles but it also has a
series of other benefits too. It is great for your cardiovascular health, it will
help you deal with the stress of planning the wedding, it will help you sleep
better and reward you with the much-needed feel-good hormones. Exercise is
tough and requires dedication but once you are in it and you see results, it
can also become addictive. Plus, who wants to spoil a good workout by eating
take aways? Exercise helps you stick to your meal plan.
Try and be more active over the weekends too by doing something fun
outdoors like hiking, biking or swimming etc.

Click here to view a light pre-wedding exercise plan. 

3. Cut out sugar and alcohol
Small changes in your diet could also make a huge difference, like cutting out
sugar and alcohol for example. If you can give up cold drinks, chocolate and
other obvious sugary stuff but when it comes to alcohol you won’t budge,
that’s fine too. But try and opt for alcoholic beverages with less calories like
light beer and light wine, whiskey and water etc.

4. Get enough rest
If you don’t get a good night’s sleep you’ll be more irritable, stressed, tired and
prone to cravings the next day. When this happens you’ll also be more likely
to skip your training session and as we all know it is a slippery slope from
there. Go to bed earlier at night and try conditioning your body and mind for
sleep. In other words, don’t expect to fall asleep after you’ve just switched off
the TV, your mind will be active and busy. Instead, take a bath or shower or
read a little before bed.

5. Get support
It is easier to stick to your new 80/20 lifestyle if you have support. And the
best person to join you in your mission is of course your fiancé. Meal planning
and exercise become less of a drag when you can do it together and take
turns to motivate each other. 

Getting support for your wedding

Of course, the stress of planning your wedding is sure to help you shed a few kilos too, but try not to let that get too much for you. Delegate to bridesmaids, groomsmen, moms, dads and any willing and able person. The aim is to look great for your wedding, not like a hot, ragged mess. 

Happy planning and good luck. 

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