Keep your guests cosy at your winter wedding

Keep your guests cosy at your winter wedding

Winter weddings are definitely becoming more and more popular. A winter wedding can be an absolutely breathtaking experience for the bride and groom, however, guests may find themselves cold and uncomfortable.

Don’t forget to make sure your guests are happy and cosy at your winter wedding so they can enjoy your special day too. Here are a few winter warmer tips for your wedding:

Create a decadent hot chocolate bar

There’s no better way to warm up than with a decadent cup of hot chocolate, which is why a hot chocolate bar is a great addition to a winter wedding reception. Best yet, you can let your guests customise their own drinks. Set out caramel sauce, chocolate dipped spoons, vanilla powder, hot fudge and peppermint syrup. Then, most importantly, make sure you provide some “kick” for your guests - basically any alcohol that complements hot chocolate, namely Kahlua, Frangelico, Peppermint Schnapps, Amaretto and Grand Marnier. Don’t forget all the other frills and spills, including whipped cream, chocolate chips, cinnamon, crushed cookies, white chocolate chips, coconut shavings, toffee, sweets, cherries - the sky’s the limit! Read more...

Provide cosy wedding favours

Here’s a way you can kill two birds with one stone: provide wedding favours that will help keep your guests warm at your wedding. You can set out soft, fluffy blankets for each guest - and you can personalise them by embroidering a message on each blanket.

If your budget for gifts is not so big, consider buying gloves or mittens for all your guests or set up a little basket close to where your ceremony is taking place so that your guests can collect their warm gifts at the beginning of your wedding.

Create a toasty atmosphere with fire

Fire creates a warm, cosy atmosphere. Make sure there’s an outdoor bonfire, a lit up fireplace or abundance of candles all over your wedding venue. A bonfire or fireplace can also serve as a great backdrop for warm winter photos as well as a lovely area for your guests to sit around while socialising and roasting marshmallows.

The cold weather doesn't have to be all gloom. Winter Weddings are not only cheaper, but can be fun too. 

Are you having a Winter Wedding tell us what you're planning in the comments below. 

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