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Unity Tungsten Ring

Unity Tungsten Ring

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Be a cut above the rest with this Unity Tungsten Ring. Its edgy black & blue combination is sure to turn heads and set you apart from the crowd. But you don't have to sacrifice comfort for style; this 8mm ring provides an optimal fit for any finger type. Plus, it's scratch resistant and built to last. Get ready to show off your unique swag!

"It is not in numbers but in unity that our great strength lies." - Thomas Pain

Design Details:

- Brushed Black Finish
- Blue Plated/Coated inner
- Blue stepped edges
- Built-in Comfort Fit

Size Replacement Guarantee:


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FAQ - Tungsten

What is tungsten?

Tungsten is a special little metal. When it's combined with carbon, it forms an incredible metal alloy known as tungsten carbide. This alloy is incredibly useful for things like men's wedding rings because, once forged, tungsten rings are virtually scratch proof. 
At Unbreakable Man, we combine tungsten with carbon in a process known as sintering. This process takes place at over 3000°C. We then cast our rings into specially designed moulds, let them cool, and finally polish and finish them off with special diamond tools. The result is a perfect men's wedding ring that never loses it's lustre, is super scratch resistant, 100% non allergenic, and can be worn with incredible comfort.


So what are the benefits of a tungsten ring over another metal?

Our rings have been designed from the ground up to be rings that men want to wear. We've chosen tungsten for it's incredible durability, scratch resistance, weight, non allergenic properties and most of all it's comfort. 
All of our tungsten rings come with a built in comfort fit. The comfort fit, is not only sleek and smooth on the finger, but it means that your finger's natural swelling and contracting is accommodated throughout the year. No strangling or pinching feelings with our rings. 
Our tungsten rings are also 100% non allergenic. Tungsten itself is incredibly stable and unreactive, and we don't use any nasty chemicals like cobalt in our sintering process. Only tungsten, carbon and a hint of nickel go in, and brilliant Unbreakable Man tungsten rings come out. As a result, our rings also don't cause any unnatural stains or skin discolouration either.


Is my Tungsten ring really 'unbreakable'?

No. Tungsten rings can be broken or damaged, but because of their hardness they are incredibly scratch resistant. That said, you can chip or crack your ring when applying lateral force to your ring, however this is very unlikely to happen. 'Unbreakable Man' is simply the name of our online store, and it should NOT be interpreted that our rings will be, in fact, unbreakable.  
Although Tungsten Carbide is an extremely resilient material, it is susceptible to breaking from things like:
  • Opening of bottles with the ring;
  • Throwing the ring on the floor;
  • Dropping the ring from height; or
  • Any other activity for which the ring was not designed.


Can my Tungsten Carbide ring be removed in an emergency?

Tungsten Carbide rings are actually much safer than most rings made from other metals because of their ability to break. Tungsten Carbide rings do not bend. As a result, when extreme pressure is applied to a tungsten ring, it will break without harming the finger. Gold and other metals that bend can harm the finger, whereas tungsten carbide may protect it in some instances. Thus a Tungsten Carbide ring is a much safer choice.


Is Tungsten or Titanium better?

Tungsten is 4x harder than titanium and safer in an emergency situation since they can break the tungsten ring off of your finger. Titanium is more prone to scratching and bending.


How can I get my finger sized?

You can visit any local jeweller to have your finger sized. When sizing your finger at a jeweller always remember to tell them to size your finger according to the following:
 - 6mm/8mm width ring
 - Comfort fit

For a more detailed sizing guideline, head here.


Can I resize a Tungsten Carbide ring?

Tungsten rings cannot physically be resized because of their physical properties. However, we do offer a 2 year resize on some of our ring designs. If you order the incorrect size, we can also help you out with an exchange within 7 working days of receiving your ring (an exchange fee will apply). Visit our Returns & Exchanges page for more details.
We do not offer any guarantees, whatsoever, on any of the following:
  • Engraved rings (unless you pay for the engraving to be re-done)
  • Custom manufactured rings
  • Rings with inlays of any sort
  • Rings with a coating or plating of any sort
  • Rings that have been discontinued
  • Ring sizes that we no longer stock
  • Sale items


How are tungsten carbide rings plated and can they scratch?

Using a process called ion plating, particles are highly energised to bond or stick to your tungsten ring, giving them that beautiful colour you so love. Any tungsten ring with colour on it is still a fully tungsten carbide ring, it has just been coated or plated. The plating on your tungsten ring can fade over time and can be scratched if not handled properly. It is best to remove your plated tungsten carbide ring before doing anything that may cause abrasions, friction or any rough touch, as well as before using any harsh chemicals. The tungsten itself will always stay in tact and is silver in colour.


How do I clean and polish my tungsten ring?

All you need is a little water, some gentle soap and a cloth. There is no need to polish your tungsten ring with any special chemicals or jewellery cleaners as tungsten, being such a hardy metal, will never loose it's lustre. If you have a plated tungsten carbide ring, do not use a rough sponge or coarse cloth to clean your ring, but rather stick to the basic 'rinse with water and wipe with a soft cloth' instructions.


Still have questions? Get in touch and we'll help you understand a little bit more about tungsten and our products.

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Customer Reviews

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Marie Schultz
Tungsten Ring

Very nice ring for my husband to be.



Courtney-Jade M.
Stunning rings and even better service!

Unbreakable Man gives truly unmatched service! This is the second time I've ordered from them, and I'm just as happy as the first time. Quality products that last forever - just as advertised. Definitely recommend them to anyone who asks.

Thank you so much Jade - we strive to for exceptional service and it's good to know we are on the right track.

It's not just another ring. It's yours.