Brazen Tungsten Ring

Brazen Tungsten Ring

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"That wasn't a maiden speech - It was a brazen hussy of a speech - A painted tart of a speech" Winston Churchill

Brand: Unbreakable Man
Material: Tungsten Carbide
Width: 8mm

Design Details: 
- Black plated off centre groove and inside circumference
- Domed shape
- Blue plated inner circumference & brushed tungsten finish
- Built-in Comfort Fit
2 year size replacement guarantee excluded

Do you have a question about Tungsten? Our FAQ page might have the answer you are looking for.

Please note the following regarding rings with a black coating:
Tungsten as a metal is highly scratch resistant (4 x more than titanium) but this only applies to the original tungsten silver color, it DOES NOT apply for any color coated tungsten item.
Please take good care of your jewelry and avoid any chemical lotion or perfume application on the surface, as it will affect the coating on the ring.

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